The Implications of GMP on Cannabis Facility Design

October 2, 2023
Posted in GMP-GACP
October 2, 2023 Team TIF

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) wield substantial influence over the blueprint and construction of cannabis cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing facilities, profoundly impacting decisions regarding construction materials and equipment selection. To ensure compliance with regulatory standards, industrial architects must meticulously design the facility while adhering to GMP guidelines whenever they apply.

When it comes to designing a GMP-compliant facility, several critical considerations come into play. These include the allocation of specific areas within the facility for various purposes such as raw material storage, finished product warehousing, quarantine product holding, and management of rejected items, among others. To align with GMP requirements, the warehouse environment must maintain optimal conditions, characterized by dryness, cleanliness, and ample illumination. Furthermore, the storage conditions must align precisely with the unique requirements of the materials housed within, thus ensuring their integrity and quality throughout their stay in the facility.

In essence, GMP acts as a guiding principle, not only influencing the physical layout and design elements of cannabis facilities but also serving as a cornerstone in guaranteeing the safety, quality, and compliance of cannabis products within the industry.