Facility Design

Cannabis Cultivation Facility Design

Crafting the facility’s design stands as a pivotal yet formidable aspect when embarking on a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) venture. Regardless of whether you’re envisioning an indoor vertical farm, a greenhouse, or any other CEA environment, the design process should prioritize several key factors. These include optimizing spatial utilization, ensuring labor efficiency and ergonomics, minimizing utility consumption, and fostering the attainment of high yields.

It’s crucial to take into account various aspects such as lighting sources, ventilation systems, environmental controls, pest management strategies, and workflow organization. A well-conceived design can wield a substantial influence over the efficiency and productivity of your CEA setup. If feasible, engaging experts or consultants in this phase can prove immensely beneficial, harnessing their wealth of experience for an optimal outcome.

Driven by a team of passionate professionals devoted to advancing the field of Cannabis Engineering and Architecture. With extensive experience spanning over 6 million square feet across five countries, our firm is at the forefront of designing and implementing cutting-edge cultivation facilities.

One of our core specialties lies in EU GMP-ready facilities. We understand the critical importance of meeting the stringent standards set by the European Union to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and compliance. Our expertise in EU GMP regulations allows us to create facilities that are tailored to meet these rigorous requirements.

Our approach to these designs is emblematic of a laboratory-style blueprint, characterized by a strategic division into distinct clean and dirty zones. These zones are orchestrated in a manner that harmonizes with the flow of activities, optimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, our blueprint focuses on the integration of strategies that substantially reduce labor requirements, enhancing both productivity and cost-effectiveness.

If you are looking for the most efficient cannabis facility in the world, that is designed to be GACP & GMP ready, for exporting products and raising your valuation, begin with us.