Facility Design

– Full Design & Build
– Technical Drawings
– HVAC, Electrical
– Greenhouse Designs

Process Engineering

– Custom Process Equipment
– Facility Master Control
– Industry Best Practices
– Plant Lifespan Mgmt.

Efficiency Engineering

– Sub $450 per pound
– Re-imagined Workflow
– ROI focus at every level
– Numbers that resonate



Self Contained Personal Ecosystems


Keeping Urban farmers connected to their Pods 24/7


Three Stages for Growing, Harvesting and Storing

Cut Out The Middle Man!
Come straight to the source and shift the risk away from the licensing component, with the group that takes on your risk.   Our 100% success rate allows us to offer a better deal than everyone else in the industry.  Why?  Because you are cutting out the middle man and coming straight to the people that do everything.

No sales people.  No vaporware.  No chance you can find more value.  


  • Charge a nominal retainer to start
  • Build success to the final deliverable
  • Always succeed because of our superior deliverables
  • Offer turnkey solutions in all aspects of the cannabis industry

Industry Car Shopping: Each consulting firm or industry professional has built a suite of recommended products, coupled with SOP’s, that deliver defined results to their clients.  Once they find a formula that works, they move from prototyping to production, just like any new vehicle released on the market.  Essentially, you are buying their car.    You should be able to see the mileage efficiency (price to produce a pound) the projected reliability of the products and have some cool dashboard features to play with along the way.   The packaged model is their brand, their vehicle.

Our focus at The Indoor Farmer is to address every single detail and improve it, prototype it, polish it and release it.  Then, we go back and start over again.  We release a new model vehicle every 18 months. We will stop (or slow down) when we reach our goal to produce A++ Cannabis, at $200 per pound.

We started at $700 per pound and have already shaved that by 25% in the last 18 months.  Our new Farmation System will decrease that number by another 20% minimum, while completely re-imagining and re-engineering the workflow.

We Are Driven by You!    

The 2021 Farmation Station
will be available soon.


Step 1: Choose a Farmation Cultivation System


Step 2: Leverage every inch of space through our pragmatic produce enhancer.


Step 3: Rinse, repeat and celebrate your bottom line!

The Farmation System is engineered to achieve maximum production efficiency and accessibility, at a minimal cost.  All while reducing the workflow cost by up to 35%.

The motor-driven bearing trolley achieves precision movement, on which the pallet racks or cantilever racks are installed. Movement velocity is controlled by the frequency conversion modulation, so the movement is very steady. The operation safety is guaranteed and suitable for any production environment.

Intuitive controls make for smart and safe operations…forever!   Well, almost forever.

We cannot share anymore information at this time…until the IP and prototyping phase is completed. 

What our customer say

Simply some of the best innovative minds you can apply to a new venture.  If you want to discover the most pragmatic path to success, use this team.

Andrey Marin CEO

Cutting edge team that delivered incredible designs and suggestions for our team.   Will certainly work with them again in 2018 and beyond.

Michael StewartFounder - Grass God

The facility design, SOP’s and Security plans for the Canadian project were of exceptional quality.   Bravo guys!

Wilton WatsonEagle Development

The business and financial model changes addressed many items which changed our ability to move forward. I guess you really don’t know what you don’t know.   Looking forward to the Greenhouse project.

Thank you very much.

Nick LoftisNCMM Partner