The FarmationStation

The Farmation Station is meticulously designed to attain peak production efficiency and accessibility while keeping costs to a minimum. Our innovative fluid conveyor-belt system boasts a remarkable 35% improvement in efficiency compared to all other systems in the market.

We believe in optimizing every inch of vertical and row space, eliminating wastage that occurs in traditional facilities where Veg and Flower areas are separated. With our approach, we recapture all vertical and row space, ensuring resource efficiency and maximizing yields.



``Anything progressive in nature can benefit from Assembly Line production practices``

Henry Ford – 1938

Clone and Veg Inline!

The transition from Veg to Flower is not efficient unless the process is fluid!
We remove the need for Veg rooms!

Why hire part-time help every time you need to move plants within your facility? Labor expenses are your largest overhead, and relying on external labor presents your greatest vulnerability!


You can no longer fail forward in the cannabis industry.

Be prepared to thrive during any market shift with the most efficient cultivation system in the world.

The Farmation Station

Industry Experts share their thoughts…

Denis Peter:

Denis Peter, a co-founder of The Cultivation Alliance and a seasoned cannabis cultivation expert, wholeheartedly endorses the “Farmation Station.” This state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility is poised to revolutionize the German cannabis market, and Denis is keen to underscore three pivotal factors that set it apart.

1. The Farmation Station showcases an impressive 35% increase in efficiency compared to its global counterparts. This translates into elevated productivity and substantial environmental benefits, firmly establishing sustainability as a top priority and lessening the ecological impact of cannabis cultivation.

2. Secondly, the Farmation Station meticulously aligns with German cannabis regulations, providing a solid legal foundation for market success. By ensuring that cannabis social clubs can operate within the bounds of the law, it fosters industry acceptance and legitimacy.

3. Thirdly, its unmatched cost efficiency in production paves the way for top-notch cannabis products at competitive prices. This not only stimulates market demand but also supports the normalization of cannabis use in Germany, making quality cannabis accessible to a broader audience.

Beyond its innovative features, the Farmation Station places a strong emphasis on social responsibility. It stands as a valuable resource for cannabis social clubs, offering them a dependable and efficient cultivation solution. This, in turn, bolsters the legal cannabis community while promoting responsible and regulated access to cannabis in Germany.

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