Modular Mushroom Labs

Boom Room Intro

Introducing the BoomRoom – an innovative modular grow lab designed to cater to your specific needs. At its core, it features a positive-pressure vestibule right at the entrance, ensuring a controlled and contamination-free environment. But that’s just the beginning.

With the BoomRoom, you gain the power to fine-tune and micro-manage your growing environment with precision. It boasts full HVAC controls, allowing you to adjust temperature, humidity, and ventilation to create the perfect conditions for your mushroom cultivation.

What sets the BoomRoom apart is its incorporation of mushroom-specific BoomStik LED lighting. These specialized lights have been optimized to enhance shroom production, providing the ideal spectrum and intensity for your mushroom crops. The result? Optimal yields and quality.

But that’s not all – flexibility is key. The BoomRoom can be tailored to your requirements, accommodating various sizes to suit your space and production needs. Whether you need a compact 8×24 FT setup or a larger configuration, we’ve got you covered.

With the BoomRoom, you’re not just growing mushrooms; you’re cultivating a thriving, efficient, and customizable ecosystem that puts you in control of your mushroom production like never before. Experience the future of mushroom cultivation with the BoomRoom.

More Information

The BoomRoom is a product line of The Indoor Farmer, Inc and is a turnkey solution for indoor mushroom cultivation. The BoomRoom is an enclosed self-contained organic cultivation container providing the latest in indoor mushroom commercial growing inside a temperature-controlled facility (70 degrees).

The BoomRoom Cube utilizes a proprietary wall system to adjust in length for custom applications, these cultivation containers are created to support a consistent growing environment by controlling ideal temperature, humidity and O2 within each unit. The Mushroom BoomRoom is a proprietary growing system and is developed specifically to maximize production potential and mitigate risk.

Optimized Lighting
Due to the size and shape of the BoomRoom container, lighting configuration is optimized for uniform light distribution throughout the container, ensuring every mushroom receives the same level and quality of light. This uniform light distribution is essential for some species to maximum production. The BoomRoom uses the most up-to-date in light fixtures and lamp technologies, to ensure that the mushrooms receives the proper PPF and light wavelength for stimulating growth.

Efficient Heat Management

The combination of high-tech light fixtures and a 90% efficient HVAC system creates an optimized thermal environment. Proper humidity levels and temperature is two of most important items when growing in a sealed room, this sealed room allows the mushroom BoomRoom to maintain an environment that makes it possible to control and produce healthy strong mushrooms while maintaining maximum production.


Control Sealed Room Environments

The BoomRoom is a sealed closed loop environment; industry leaders are turning to sealed room environments allowing owners to achieve the highest yields possible easily recouping any investment in a very short time. By running a Sealed room you can now control your environment, temperature, CO2/O2 levels, air circulation, smell, spores and other diseases.