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Over 1 million square feet of designs as of December 2017.

Facility Design

  • New State of the Art Production, Research, and Test Facilities
  • Troubleshooting / Remodeling
  • Site Development
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Site Surveying
  • Construction Quality Control


Needs Assessment

It is during this early stage that a requirement for either a “working” facility or a “touring” facility should be addressed. The need for a clean sterile environment is the priority and needs to be conveyed to the client to understand costs associated with different levels of cleanness and IPM (integrated pest management). A working facility is designed with minimal resources needed to produce product and is not open to the public. Whereas a touring facility is designed to accommodate more interaction with visitors, potential investors, tour groups, media etc. with more emphasis on IPM measures, processes and usually consists of “clean” and “dirty” zones that consists of more area for clerical, board rooms for example. Touring facilities carry a higher price tag.

At this point a study should be undertaken to determine the benefits to be realized by the new facility as well as the costs to be incurred. Costs arise not only from construction but also ongoing operation and maintenance. In addition, the day to day operation of the facility generally requires that special attire be worn. Also, special procedures, frequently more time consuming than those presently used, may be required. It is important that this information is complete and acknowledged by all parties to prevent any unrealistic expectations on the part of management and the cultivation personnel and to permit planning for revised procedures once the facility is in use.

The study should describe the goals of the cultivation program. Impact on present operations, budget restraints, tentative schedule, and path forward. It will serve as the basis for front end planning and will provide the standard against which the success of the program is measured.



The Indoor Farmer is a firm with an engineering background specializing in efficiency, continuity, and quality.

Front End Planning

While the needs assessment and preliminary design may be conducted by a Cannabis Engineer the frontend planning process should be open to all. The A&E team will be responsible to generate final signed and stamped plans for construction including all local codes and regulations. The general contractor will be bearing the brunt of the responsibility for bringing the facility on line, on schedule and within budget. Cannabis engineers/build team and the project manager are responsible for insuring that the facility will adequately house the proper equipment and that the facility incorporates sufficient space, utilities, process flow considerations, and provision for flow of people and material to facility, either out of the requirements of potential employees as well as the conditions under which they will be working.

A budget based on the agreed upon preliminary design should be developed to make sure that the overall project is on course. This will minimize surprises further along in the design/build process phase. This permits the production work on the design documents to proceed unhindered. The more unknowns left at the end of the preliminary phase the more difficult it will be to complete design documents in a timely fashion.


Using proprietary tools and software we are capable of assisting in the planning and building phases for new construction, renovation and retrofit.  We aim to get each facility to the desired degree of optimized operational and environmental output.  For instance, our Road-Mapping tool identifies the scalable costs of space, time, and manpower, enabling rationale to predict the thresholds for profitability, growth, and expansion.

unhindered. The more unknowns left at the end of the preliminary phase the more difficult it will be to complete design documents in a timely fashion.


Our business management SOP’s implement gains in efficiency, and ecological improvements that will help pay for themselves.

Our core goal is to offer services and customized solutions that produce net positive results thru accurate Cost Benefit Analysis and Operational Efficiency Auditing.  We provide justifications for every improvement we recommend or advise for our clients, and perform check-ups to ensure our clients are reaping the benefits of increased efficiency, increased yield, and/or decreased environmental impact.

Construction Management

  • for MEP contractors
  • for general contractor
  • Capital investment sheets
  • Take off sheets


A detailed scope of work describing the materials and services required is a vital part of the procurement process. There is no purpose to keeping the project bidders in the dark regarding what is required of them. The role of the procurement function is to obtain maximum value, that is, the best quality and schedule at the lowest price. The clearer the scope of work and construction documents the better will be the chance of this happening. A low price is not a good value if the schedule slips by several months as a result. A poorly built facility that does not maintain design conditions is a poor value even if it was delivered within schedule.


Software Development

We will work with your business to deliver the results you expect from the world’s leading supplier of centralized canna-business management solutions. We value each client and work to be your greatest advocate for success.

Our software clients enjoy a full spectrum of services including implementation, system configuration, custom development/reporting, support, general consulting, license application assistance and more.  We are here to help, don’t be afraid to ask and we shall do our best to accommodate your request.