Self-contained and controlled for Veg


Transition from Veg to stage 1 Flower


Lights are set for the type of light and plant height for each stage to maximize PPFD.


The trays roll forward automatically, as an assembly line grow.


  1. Produce at $320 a pound, or less
  2. 4 foot plants every 75 days, or less
  3. Choose any lights or grow medium
  4. Grow Vertical with 2 or 3 levels
  5. Leverage mobile racking to capture all available floor space

  • Assembly Line Efficiency

    The patent-pending Farmation Station is the most efficient and flexible system in the industry.

  • Margins are Vanishing

    Margins in cannabis are dropping every year.   Companies that can produce at around $350 dollars a pound will thrive, while everyone else attempts to survive.

  • Why Limit Your Choices?

    The Farmation Station is engineered to maximize your PPFD at any stage, with your light of choice! And the same applies with your grow medium!  Choose whatever method you wish.

  • Macro Management through Engineering

    Assembly line production is the most efficient process for any growing, or manufacturing that is progressive in nature.

  • Micro Management - Coming soon!

    We are adding hardware and software to our Suite in 2023, so you can manage every touchpoint.

  • Produce 5 plus harvests per year

    With the Farmation Station you can produce a minimum of 5 harvests per year.

The motor-driven bearing trolley achieves precision movement, on which the pallet racks or cantilever racks are installed. Movement velocity is controlled by the frequency conversion modulation, so the movement is very steady. The operation safety is guaranteed and suitable for any production environment.

Intuitive controls make for smart and safe operations…forever!   Well, almost forever. 🙂

The Farmation Station
is here!

The Farmation Station is engineered to achieve maximum production efficiency and accessibility, at a minimal cost.  All while reducing the workflow cost by a minimum of 35%.

A Few of the benefits

  • A fluid conveyor-belt system
  • 35% more efficient than all other systems
  • Recapture all vertical space
  • Recapture all row space
  • Avoid the wasted space and resources needed for traditional facilities that separate Veg and Flower.

Ready for more Farmation Station Information?

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